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Vol 2 (2019): Ethics, Politics & Society. A Journal in Moral and Political Philosophy

Christoph Hanisch: Universal Health Care and Enforced Beneficence
Madeleine Hayenhjelm: Compensation as Moral Repair and as Moral Justification for Risks
David Jenkins: Effort as Responsibility

Lying and Hypocrisy in Politics and Morality, With Ruth Grant
Radicalism and Compromise

Published: 2019-05-03

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Ethics, Politics & Society is an academic journal with peer review dedicated to the publication of high level contributions in the fields of Political Philosophy and Theory, as well as Normative and Applied Ethics. Although it is open to all themes and approaches in these areas of knowledge, the journal focuses on issues related to theories of justice, democracy and recognition, as well as on ethical issues connected to scientific and technological development and their social and environmental impacts. Ethics, Politics & Society accepts the submission of originals in English, Portuguese, and Spanish both with a direct contemporary approach, or using the history of Moral and Political Philosophy to shed light on relevant problems in our time.